Are you looking at tell your own visual story ? 

Video content has now become the most effective and efficient way to get your message across or to tell an important story. From creative fun and engaging content to documenting progress or activities, 

I’m keen on engaging & developing unique motion with like minded sports athletes to develop something different – let’s collaborate & think outside of the box with ideas ?


Musandam Untouched

Solo kayaking & hiking expedition into the remote mountains, fiords & hidden villages of the Musandam mountains, Oman. 

We had previously scouted this area during the winter of 2018, and a return visit was a must. You want to get off the beaten track and prepared to put the effort in to reap the rewards – then follow this.

Check out my Blog post where I’ve written an article in Outdoor UAE magazine on this solo expedition. 


Monsoon – The summer of 2017

I compiled this video from lots of footage taken from ~60GB of GoPro & SLR footage  from 3 years of annual windsurf trips to the Indian ocean and Mazirah island, Oman. This is truly a special place and each summer without fail the strong southerly monsoon cross shore winds and swell roll in to provide the perfect wave sailing venues with typically uncrowded beaches.  

Monsoon- part 2

Continueing on in the series of summer windsurf wave-sailing in Oman. This video was shot near the windswept Asilah fishing village on the Indian ocean.  Shooting this was technically challenging, requiring auto-follow drone equipment capable of handling 25knots 

Asilah wave session in the Spring of 2017.

Zero crowds, good side-shore winds, small swell but the opportunity to test out some aerial follow me drone equipment and resulting footage on the pristine Indian ocean swells, Oman. 

Fat-Biking in Rub Al Khali – The Empty Quarter, UAE. 

Google map directions: Drive south from Dubai approximately 300km, hit a small round-about, drive through a camel cattle grid, engage 4WD as you drive due south  on a sandy track and keep driving & driving.

The beauty of this huge landscape is it’s simplicity.  Surrounded by the majestic sand dunes of Rub Al Khali and the occasional camel farm and herdsman who is responsible for looking after the valuable stock.

This place is very special to me, as the sheer isolation, eeriness & zero light pollution (for my astro photography) make this a very unique location that few people witness.

On this occasion, I had borrowed at Specialized Fat-Bike from Cycle-Hub Dubai to perform some solo filming early in the morning when the desert colours are astonishing. 

Enjoy !